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April 2, 1999

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Q: Are ISU facilities for rent?

A: The short answer is "yes." A more helpful explanation should point out that the contact point is different, depending on the space sought.

Iowa State has 131 classrooms available for events, at no charge, for departmental events or those hosted by recognized student organizations. For groups not affiliated with the university, a rental fee is charged. Call room scheduling, 4- 0892, to reserve a classroom.

Meeting rooms in the Memorial Union are booked the same way: free to recognized university organizations and with a fee to others (4-1437). All weddings on campus, no matter where they occur, are scheduled through that office as well. Space in any of the buildings at the Iowa State Center is reserved through its scheduling office, 4-3347.

Recreation Services books space, mostly in the summer or on semester breaks, in Beyer Hall, State Gym and the Forker Building for certain types of activities; call 4-0386. In some cases, such as the Reiman Gardens (horticulture) or the Catt Hall conference room (Catt Center), departments actually book the space.

The outdoor space south of the campanile is booked, at no charge to university-affiliated groups, through the Student Activities Center, 4-1023, and through facilities management, 4-4211, for private groups.

Large groups that use multiple facilities or services are asked to coordinate their events through ISU Conference Services, 4-6885. And lastly, private groups renting university facilities need to provide liability insurance for their events; contact the risk management office, 4-5315.

Sources: Facilities Planning and Management, Recreation Services, Student Activities Center

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