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March 5, 1999


To the Editor:

The new promotion and tenure document (Feb. 3) assures faculty that we each have the right "to inform the DEO of any ways in which [we] believe [factual] information to be incomplete or inaccurate" (p. 17); however, it does not include a complementary obligation that errors of fact (and the subsequent judgments based upon them) ever be corrected.

Those who come forward with claims of injury or objections to policy at ISU are entitled to speak freely and openly until our faces turn blue and our hearts turn to stone, but unless we are financially able and emotionally prepared to take the university through a long court case, we are without recourse.

The practice of stonewalling complaints into silence has an untoward and hence discriminatory impact on lower-paid female employees; it creates a climate of distrust and resentment among underlings while it fosters imperial delusions among those charged with, and extremely well paid for, ensuring the protection of the very rights they violate by their systematic stone-walling.

-- Virginia Allen, English

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