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January 8, 1999

Ask Inside

Welcome to "Ask Inside," a new feature intended to answer questions about sites, history, policies and just "things" at Iowa State. You, the readers, submit the questions and the staff of Inside Iowa State will track down and publish the answers. Send your questions to: Ask Inside, 217 Communications, e-mail:

Here's the first installment:

Q: Sometimes I see DPS patrol cars stopped for students in campus crosswalks. Are we all supposed to be doing that?

A: Through our own (ISU) rules, the general traffic laws of Iowa apply on campus. Iowa law says that pedestrians crossing in a marked crosswalk or at an intersection have the right- of-way. That means that vehicles traveling on the street are supposed to stop for pedestrians as the pedestrians reach the curb to cross (Iowa Code section 321.327).

The rule is the opposite if the pedestrian crosses at a spot other than a marked crosswalk or intersection. In that case, the pedestrian must yield to the vehicular traffic (Iowa Code section 321.328).

So the answer to the question is generally yes -- we should be stopping to allow pedestrians to cross at crosswalks and intersections.

Source: ISU Department of Public Safety

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