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December 11, 1998

Is your fax machine ready for Y2//k?

by Diana Pounds

Because fax machines print transmission dates, they are susceptible to some of the same year 2000, or Y2K, rollover problems as computers.

The good news, says Computation Center system analyst Jeff Balvanz, is that most of the fax machines used on campus are "Y2K compliant" and will handle the rollover correctly.

Most campus fax machines are Canon and Hewlett Packard brands. ISU's Y2K Web page (www.y2k. lists the Y2K status of the Cannon and HP models. Those who have other kinds of fax machines should check with their manufacturers to determine if their fax machines will operate properly in the year 2000.

If you have questions about how the Y2K problem may affect your fax machine or other office equipment, check with your departmental Y2K coordinator.

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