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November 20, 1998

P&S Council

Council ponders online handbook

by Anne Dolan

At its December meeting, the Professional and Scientific Council will return to a discussion on making the P&S handbook available online. The council's policies and procedures committee has requested that the current handbook be put online. The council's goal is that the new version be available online when it is approved.

The council is awaiting approval from the Provost Office, Human Resource Services and Legal Services for proposed changes, none of which significantly alter any policy. (The revised P&S handbook also will include the university's updated sexual harassment policy and guidelines.)

In the meantime, committee members are concerned that new P&S employees who don't receive a handbook have no access to the information it contains.

Carla Espinoza, assistant vice president for human resource services, noted that separate reviews may be conducted for what is distributed in a three-ring binder and what is published on a Web site.

In other business, P&S recruit-ment and retention committee members have begun a project to survey all departments that have received grants for student recruitment or retention efforts since 1994. They are inquiring about outcomes as part of an assessment of the grant program.

"Our goal is to see if the current criteria for funding, the process and the outcomes measurement is working, and what kinds of changes we can recommend," said Mariama Hodari, chair of that committee.

Application/nomination forms for the P&S Excellence Award and the Carroll Ringgenberg Award are due today (Nov. 20) in 204 Lab of Mechanics. Nominations for the (P&S) Regents Award for Staff Excellence are due Feb. 1, 1999, to Judy Minnick, 214 Alumni Hall. The forms will be mailed to department executive officers Dec. 1.

The council's next meeting begins at 2 p.m. Friday, Dec. 4, in the Memorial Union Pioneer Room. The noon open forum will be a question- and-answer session on professional development with George Covert and Dan Woodin from the professional development committee.

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