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October 9, 1998

Council ready to support university club proposal

by Anne Dolan

During its Oct. 1 meeting, the Professional and Scientific Council passed a motion supporting a university club at Iowa State, with an amendment that includes three requests: that membership fees be "fair and reasonable," that no state allocations to the ISU budget be used for start-up or operation costs, and that a feasibility study be completed to assess the financial viability of the proposal.

Last spring, the council's position was that it "didn't oppose" further study of a university club concept. The Faculty Senate and Student Union Board have endorsed the proposal, which awaits a decision by President Martin Jischke. Government of the Student Body president Bryan Burkhardt, who attended the council meeting briefly, said GSB hasn't seen the proposal.

In other business, council president Rob Bowers proposed a survey of P&S employees this year. One issue he said he hopes the survey will address is hours worked by employees. He said he still receives calls from employees who are working 55 to 60 hours per week nearly year-round and not just during busy seasons. It raises the question of whether employees simply don't go home or their responsibilities or supervisors require long work weeks, he said.

Last winter, Bowers addressed the ISU Academic Council about unusually long, regular work weeks. As a result, Provost John Kozak asked that department heads and other directors review their units for abuse.

"It still seems to go on. We need to see what the problems are, whether it's a few isolated cases or a widespread problem," Bowers said.

The council also:

The council's next meeting begins at 2 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 5, in the Memorial Union Pioneer Room.

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