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September 25, 1998

Iowa Shares seeks to raise $30,000 at ISU

Iowa Shares, a workplace giving campaign, is launching its fund-raising drive this month throughout the state, including at ISU. The theme of the campaign is "Working for a better life for all -- Be a part of it."

Iowa Shares is a coalition of 18 non-profit organizations addressing a range of social issues, including peace and justice, the environment, affordable housing, poverty and legal advocacy.

The Iowa Shares campaign has come to campus for four years. Last year, Iowa State employees pledged more than $20,000 to Iowa Shares. The organization's goal this year on campus is $30,000.

Earlier this month, ISU employees received a mailing that includes literature and a campaign pledge card. ISU employees who choose to give to the campaign may do so through payroll deductions. Pledge cards should be returned to the Iowa Shares office in Des Moines (an envelope is provided) by Dec. 22.

Iowa Shares provides funds for statewide efforts, in some instances, but does not exclude local causes. For example, the People Place, Ames, a family resource center providing parent education and support, is a member agency.

Member agencies offer education, advocacy, prevention programs and direct services that focus on improving communities and creating social change.

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