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September 11, 1998

Council writes its own principles list

by Anne Dolan

To prepare for this year and several more into the future, members of the Professional and Scientific Council have agreed to some general principles to guide their work.

The principles, discussed at the council's annual retreat in August, but still receiving some final editing, will guide goal- and priority-setting at the committee level this fall. They include concepts such as: treat others as you want to be treated; have open and meaningful communication with constituents and other groups; fairly represent all P&S employees, regardless of their division or position; be aware of resources available on and off campus; think globally and have fun.

Rob Bowers, who is serving his second year as council president, said the guiding principles follow the council's decision three years ago to strive to do longer-term, strategic planning, rather than planning for six to nine months.

"They may seem rather obvious, but by being so broad, we think they can stand the test of time and still shape our work," Bowers said.

He noted that the diversity of positions among the P&S ranks means that council members represent employees with divergent views and priorities. The guidelines will focus council discussion, regardless of the topic, he said.

Info sessions

Bowers said he hopes most council meetings this year will include a short interactive session with an administrator (vice president, dean) or program director. The intent, he said, is to make council members more aware of campus events, programs and priorities; help them identify ways to interact more with other planning or policy groups; and market the council to campus leaders. Vice president Murray Blackwelder's review of Carver celebration events during the September meeting was the first of these.

Council representatives are working with human resource services staff to host an open forum in mid-fall on P&S classification issues, including pay ranges and movement through them.

"It will be an opportunity for employees to ask questions," Bowers said. "We know there are some misperceptions about the classification system.

"It's not a civil service system," he added. "If that's what people think they want, the council needs to know that."

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