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August 28, 1998

Postal increases on the way

Recently approved mail rate changes take effect Jan. 10, 1999, and the last in a series of increases in non-profit rates takes effect Oct. 4.

The rate for first-class letters goes up to 33 cents in January.

For campus mailers, one of the most significant increases in non-profit bulk mail will be in non-automated letters. Departments can save money by taking steps to qualify for automated mailing rates.

In October, ISU Printing Services will distribute its annual postal update booklet, with details on rates, other postal changes and guidelines to help campus bulk mailers qualify for the automation discounts. Contact Printing Services, 4- 3601, to be added to the mailing list for this booklet.

Standard A Non-profit bulk mail (approved increases)

Letter-size per-piece rate current Oct. 4 Jan. 10, 1999
(% over current)
non-automated 13.5 cents 13.8 cents 16.9 cents
automated 10.2 cents 10.5 cents
11.9 cents
Non-letter (flat) per-piece rate current Oct.4 Jan. 10, 1999
(% over current)
non-automated 19.8 cents 20.1 cents 23.3 cents
automated 17.4 cents 17.7 cents
18.2 cents

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