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July 17, 1998

P&S tuition grants to remain at 100 percent of a course

by Anne Dolan

For the second year, the tuition reimbursement program for P&S employees working toward degrees will cover 100 percent of a graduate or undergraduate course (up to 3 credits) each semester. The reimbursement rate is based on ISU fees, currently $112 per under-graduate credit and $176 per graduate credit.

Again this year, the broader coverage is due to additional funds ($40,000 above the 1996-97 level) from the Provost Office and the Office of the Vice President for Business and Finance. Total funds available this year are $98,000.

George Covert, who chairs the P&S Professional Development Committee, said tuition grant applications were up about 30 percent during fall and spring semesters from the previous year and about 20 percent from summer 1997 to summer 1998. P&S employees received tuition reimbursements totaling about $97,000 during the first year of the expanded program.

"It's clear that there's a substantial need for assistance with professional development," Covert said, "and I think we met some of the pent-up demand for help among a broad range of P&S employees.

"We will continue our experiment for another year and try to determine the upper limit of the demand for tuition assistance," he said.

Until that level is known, it's difficult to determine an annual funding request for the program, he noted.

Fall semester deadline

Tuition grant applications for fall semester are due by 5 p.m. Monday, July 27, in the Office of Human Resource Services, 318 Beardshear. Application forms are available in 318 Beardshear, by calling Dawn Smith at 4-6458, or online at

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