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July 17, 1998

Custer named marketing director

Carole Custer, associate director of university relations/marketing, has been named director for university marketing.

"This action is intended to invigorate our commitment to Iowa State's marketing efforts, while also re-emphasizing their importance to the entire university community," said Murray Blackwelder, vice president for external affairs. "Coordinated, well-strategized marketing is vital to the continued success of Iowa State as it strives to become the best land-grant university in the nation."

As director of university marketing, Custer is responsible for coordinating the university's overall marketing efforts.

In the past decade at ISU, Custer has led efforts to educate the university community about the growing importance of marketing techniques and concepts; coordinated individual research projects to help better understand the public's perceptions and awareness of Iowa State; helped develop new visual identity programs for the university and the athletic department; and helped develop a seven-year university positioning campaign called "It Works" and a new positioning campaign called "Becoming the Best."

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