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June 26, 1998


To the editor:

Carla Espinoza has been roughed up in the press lately for providing P&S employees with a fairly accurate description of attitudes toward free speech at ISU. More to the point were John Kozak's perhaps too candid remarks on that same occasion: as an administrator, you either publicly support the proclamations of the Big Pooch above you or you resign. They call it loyalty and value it above intellectual integrity.

When I needed help that I could not get from Kozak, Ed Lewis, Betsy Hoffman, Richard Hoffmann, Paul Tanaka, Tom Kent, Don Payne, Dale Ross, Frank Haggard, Susan Carlson, Bob Bataille, Lee Poague or Marty Graham, Carla Espinoza spoke up for me and did in a week what I had not been able to accomplish in three years with nothing on my side of the argument but fact, evidence, logic, law, common sense and generally agreed to professional standards of ethics.

I salute her.

-- Virginia Allen
Graduate English examiner

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