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May 15, 1998


Spring workshop focuses on change

by Anne Dolan

Participants in VISION 2020-funded projects will summarize their efforts during a workshop Tuesday, May 19, at the Holiday Inn Gateway Center. The second part of the workshop will look at changing the way Iowa State does business -- in its teaching, research and outreach missions. The workshop is free and open to the ISU community.

Steve Bosserman, a Chicago consultant who has done other work with the Kellogg Foundation, VISION 2020's sponsor, will lead a discussion on how to begin institutional change. Bosserman has expertise in change in educational settings.

"We're at a point where we have some good experiments going," said Bill Silag, one of VISION 2020's coordinators. "We need to make them a part of this university -- part of the curriculum, for example -- so they're not just good projects that finish up and then go away."

1998 is the third year of a five-year implementation phase of VISION 2020. Iowa State, in partnership with the state's 15 community colleges, received $1.5 million from the Kellogg Foundation, to fund projects and ongoing partnerships that focus on making changes in education related to food systems professions by the year 2020. The Provost Office and ISU colleges are contributing another $800,000 during the implementation phase.

While this is VISION 2020's third spring workshop, Silag said this one is different because participants aren't just talking about the future. They'll be talking about what needs to change to get there.

So far, more than $625,000 in VISION 2020 funds have been awarded to 34 proposals submitted by teams at Iowa State, Iowa's community colleges and partnering businesses. Representatives of 16 of those projects will talk about their progress during concurrent morning sessions.

The afternoon also will include a performance by ISU dance faculty member Janice Baker and Chicago artist Joseph Houseal. Silag said the purpose of the performance is to promote broader thinking about making change happen.

"The future is not hanging out with people who are like you," he said.

Proposals for VISION 2020 projects are reviewed for funding three times a year. Submission deadlines are March 1, July 1 and Nov. 1. For more information, see the VISION 2020 Web site:

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