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May 15, 1998

Parking increase goes to ramp fund

Campus parking permit fees will go up, on average, less than 4 percent for the year that begins July 1. The State Board of Regents approved the new rates at its April meeting, and the parking office mailed permit application information late last month.

ISU officials propose that most of the increased revenue be put into a fund set up to partially pay for an anticipated parking ramp four to seven years from now. Consultants and university administrators agree on the need for a parking structure somewhere on campus. But at a construction cost of around $8,000 per stall, a multi-year savings plan is necessary for such a project.

FY99 Parking Fees

Employee permits current 1998-99 increase
general staff $52 $54 3.8 %
reserved $260 $270 3.8%
24-hour reserved $520 $540 3.8%
motorcycle $16 $17 6.3%
department (first is free) $208 $216 3.8%
vendor $78 $81 3.8%

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