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Apr. 17, 1998

P&S Council

Procedure provides timeline for spring reclassification requests

by Anne Dolan

Reclassification requests for P&S employees that are submitted by March 15 will receive a response by May 1, under a procedure written by the Provost Office and Human Resource Services. The procedure was distributed to vice presidents, deans, directors and DEOs in February and discussed at the April 1 Professional and Scientific Council meeting.

Associate Provost Ed Lewis said the procedure does not change the reclassification policy, but outlines a procedure to ensure the policy is carried out properly. The deadlines were installed to avoid confusion for people who, in the past, were reclassified shortly before a new fiscal year. Whether additional dollars in their paychecks were reclassification money or annual increase money created some of the confusion, Lewis said.

The procedure only affects reclassification requests initiated in the spring. Requests submitted after March 15 or that can't be acted on for good reason by May 1 will be decided after July 1. Effective dates for reclassifications still may be retroactive.

Lewis said the Provost Office and Human Resource Services also are in the process of writing a policy on filling P&S or faculty positions in emergency situations when there isn't time for a full search. Some of the proposed guidelines include: a 9-month limit on any emergency appoint- ment, an emergency post at or below the pay grade of the person who left, and a written explanation/request from the hiring officer.

Lewis noted that once approved, this procedure would be allowed "under very limited circumstances."

In other business, the council approved a recommendation to President Martin Jischke favoring a one-third/two-thirds split of any salary improvement funds ISU receives this summer. One-third would be distributed to all employees with satisfactory performance evaluations. The other two-thirds would be used to address merit issues, including equity and marketplace value.

Following are other council highlights:

The next council meeting begins at 2 p.m. Thursday, May 7, in the Memorial Union Gold Room. At the noon open forum, four recipients of student recruitment and retention grants this year will present summaries of their efforts.

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