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Apr. 03, 1998

Deadlines set for Big 12 fellowships

Six faculty members have been awarded Big XII faculty fellowships for this spring and summer. The individuals and the schools they are visiting are: Eunice Bassler, food science and human nutrition (Kansas State); James Bovinette, music (Nebraska); Nancy Evans, professional studies in education (Texas A&M); Mark Federle, civil and construction engineering (Kansas); Russell Laczniak, marketing (Nebraska); and Betty Wells, sociology (Missouri).

Three ISU faculty members received fellowships earlier this year for fall and winter proposals. Last year, the first year of the program, seven ISU members participated.

The fellowships allow faculty to use libraries, consult with faculty and students, offer lectures or symposia, or other activities mutually agreed on by the visitor and host institution. The fellowships are not intended to be used to attend seminars or symposia. A fellowship provides up to $2,500 for travel, lodging and meals and is paid by the home institution.

Tenured, tenure-track and adjunct faculty in positions for at least six years are eligible for the program. Interested faculty should make preliminary contact with another Big 12 university. The application deadlines for 1998-99 are:

The application form is available online at frm.html.

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