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Feb. 6, 1998

Hilton sports new scoreboard

by Diana Pounds

Hilton Coliseum's newly installed scoreboard sports state-of- the-art video boards capable of real-time game action and replays.

Iowa State is the first U.S. university to feature the new video technology, which offers television quality pictures, said Mark North, executive director of the Iowa State Center.

The four-sided, 7-ton scoreboard debuted Feb. 4 at the men's basketball game against Kansas. The new scoreboard system includes eight auxilliary scoreboards and four message centers mounted around the coliseum, and new shot and game clocks on the basketball goals.

The $1.25 million scoreboard system will be funded from sponsorship signage revenues over a five-year period, North said. Once the system is paid off, the sponsorships are expected to continue generating revenues over the life of the system, he added.

The new scoreboard was made possible by a partnership between the Iowa State Center and the ISU Athletic Department, North said.

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