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Jan. 23, 1998

Ulrichson is senate's next president-elect

by Anne Dolan

Dean Ulrichson, professor of chemical engineering, was elected president-elect of the Faculty Senate Jan. 20. He will serve as president-elect during the 1998-99 academic year and president of the senate during 1999-2000. Jack Girton, zoology-genetics, and Suzanne Hendrich, food science and human nutrition, were the other senators seeking the post.

In discussion about the promotion and tenure policy draft, senators approved five "friendly" amendments to the document and rejected, on a close vote, a sixth proposed amendment to delete references to peer reviews for tenured faculty.

Bryan Cain, who proposed the change, argued that post-tenure reviews shouldn't be centralized and imposed on everyone. He said the authority to develop peer reviews should remain with the departments who want them. Cain cited cost (time, effort) as the primary reason behind his proposal. Others argued that the personal and professional development that comes from peer reviews outweighs the effort that goes into them. Senate president Bill Woodman cast the tie-breaking vote to defeat the motion.

In other business:

The next senate meeting will begin at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 10, in 260 Scheman. Attending will be Carlie Tartakov and Karen Donaldson, to promote their faculty workshops on antiracist education, and Michael Crum, chair of the Committee to Review the Academic Progress of Student Athletes, to summarize the data analysis the committee did before making its recommendation regarding student athletes who transfer to Iowa State.

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