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Jan. 23, 1998

This archive has a shot for you

by Anne Dolan

The campus service you may think about only when you need photographs shot also has a photo archive. And you're welcome to use it.

ISU's Photo Service, located in the Communications Building, always has had an archive service, but staff recently finalized a policy and fee structure for using any of the archival images, said manager Mike Haynes.

The images are available in prints, slides or digital files, and can be used in brochures, newsletters and other publications; placed on Web sites; or given as gifts. Most of the images are filed by subject (for example, specific buildings, seasonal campus locations, classroom activities, residence halls). The exception is images shot for Inside Iowa State and The Iowa Stater, which are filed by publication and date.

To use the service, call Photo Service, 4-4807, for an appointment and tell the staff member generally what you will be seeking. When you arrive, a staff member will explain the files and help you get started. Most images are in slide form.

Print or digital images can be produced in two or three days and large photos or custom printing in seven to 10 days.

Clients will pay a $20 use fee ($40 for use in major publications) for each image they want reproduced, as well as the usual print or scanning charges. For those who purchase digital images, Photo Service has an FTP site from which clients can retrieve images. Digital images also can be transferred to a disk.

"We are a total cost-recovery unit, so these prices are in place to help us maintain the archives," Haynes said.

Haynes said Photo Service has a set of about 80 slides of campus scenes and activities, from which clients can assemble their own slide shows. Clients "rent" slides from this set; the fee isn't final yet.

Most images in the Photo Service archives were shot in the last 10 years. For older images, contact the Special Collections department in Parks Library, 4-6672.

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