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Jan. 23, 1998

Hira named to interim extension post

Tahira Hira has been named interim associate vice provost for extension. Her appointment continues through Aug. 31.

"Tahira Hira brings a valuable set of skills and experience to ISU Extension," said Stanley Johnson, vice provost for extension. "She is an accomplished researcher and teacher. She also has a very positive record of collaboration with the ISU Extension to Families Program. She is a very successful practicing academic entrepreneur."

Johnson said he will initiate a search to fill the position in mid-spring.

Hira is a professor of personal finance and consumer economics. She is nationally and internationally known for her research in consumer bankruptcy, consumer credit, social and psychological aspects of borrowing behavior of middle and high income Americans, gambling and consumer credit, and borrowing behavior of college students.

Hira has played an active role in undergraduate and graduate teaching and research at ISU. She created ISU's Financial Counseling Clinic, a laboratory for undergraduates to gain practical experience in assisting fellow students with credit problems.

She also has developed educational materials and programs in credit counseling and consumer credit education for the Japan Consumer Finance Assn. and has developed and taught credit counseling seminars and workshops.

Hira is a Certified Financial Planner, and has served on several national committees and boards. Currently she is serving on the board of the American Assn. of Family and Consumer Sciences.

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