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Jan. 23, 1998

So long paper chase:
Form 111 goes electronic

by Diana Pounds

The Form 111 no longer makes the campus rounds in a seemingly endless tour of in-baskets. This month, the form used for hirings, reclassifications, promotions and several other personnel actions, went electronic.

All Form 111s are now submitted, approved and saved on the ADIN online system, which is maintained by Administrative Data Processing.

The electronic form saves a lot of time and hassle for campus faculty and staff, said Pat Strah, budget analyst for the Vice President for Business and Finance Office. Because the forms can require anywhere from two to 10 signatures, they often would move painstakingly from office to office. Staff spent many hours tracking down the forms to get them signed and delivered on deadline to their ultimate destinations -- human resource services and the payroll office.

Now, the forms are initiated online and routed electronically, Strah said. Those on the routing list log on to the ADIN system and click a few buttons to "sign" the form and send it on its way. "Those who need to track a form can instantly find out who has signed it and who hasn't," Strah said.

The new electronic forms should free considerable file space on campus, Strah said. There no longer is a need for office staff to print and file the forms, because they will remain available electronically. She estimates that 16,200 Form 111s are processed annually at Iowa State. Eliminating the seven- part form has reduced paper flow by 113,400 pieces, she added.

"We'll continue to look for ways to enhance the new electronic system," Strah said. Suggestions can be sent to her at, 125 Beardshear.

Roger Oppedahl, ADP, provided technical support on the project. Staff in the Provost, Human Resource Services, Graduate, Payroll and VP for Business and Finance offices also collaborated on the new electronic Form 111.

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