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Jan. 23, 1998

Iowa State wins CASE sweepstakes

ISU alumni, development and public relations staffs teamed up to earn the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) 1998 Grand Sweepstakes prize. The prize is awarded to the CASE District VI institution with the strongest showing in CASE awards.

Iowa State has earned the Sweepstakes Award eight of the past nine years. Iowa State staff won 34 awards, recognizing achievements in such areas as publications, special events, public relations, alumni relations and fund-raising.

CASE is a professional organization for those in alumni relations, communications and philanthropy. CASE District VI comprises eight states and nearly 200 institutions.

Following are Iowa State's award-winning stories, products and creators, Gold denotes first place, silver second place and bronze third place.


Remarks to 7th annual Young Writers' Workshop (Bronze, John Anderson, University Relations)

"The Long Goodbye," feature on Pammel Court, (Bronze, Karol Crosbie, Alumni Assn.)

"On the Virtual Edge of Reality" (Bronze, Anne Dolan, Internal Communications)

"Horn of plenty (gigs that is)," feature on music professor Jim Bovinette (Gold, Steve Jones, News Service)

"Researchers Hit the Jackpot" (Gold, Michelle Johnson, News Service)

"Acting affirmatively to create opportunity: Iowa State learns from the Hixson program" (Silver, President Martin Jischke; John Anderson, Steve Sullivan, University Relations)

"Magnetic Refrigeration Makes Cool Debut"(Silver, Steve Karsjen, Ames Laboratory)

Visual design

Mauck + Associates, Des Moines, designed many of the pieces that won awards in this category

1997-98 Alumni Assn. events calendar (Bronze, Alumni Assn. Publications Office)

VISIONS, spring issue cover, baby with College of Family and Consumer Sciences building plans (Gold, Carole Gieseke, Alumni Assn.)

VISIONS, summer issue, "Journey into Africa" (Gold, staff, Alumni Assn.)

Cover 4-colors or more, Summer Session Bulletin cover (Bronze, University Marketing)

Cover 3-colors or less, Biotechnology Research cover (Gold, University Marketing)

Poster 4-colors or more, Summer Session poster (Gold, University Marketing)

Poster 4-colors or more, Football poster (Bronze, Athletic Marketing)

Special publication/project, Report to Iowans, President's Five-year Report (Silver, University Marketing)

Special publication/project, Student employment brochure (Bronze, University Marketing)

Series or multiple piece project 4-colors or more, Summer Session (Bronze, University Marketing)

Inquiry (Bronze, Michael Marti, Ames Laboratory)


Report to Iowans, President's Five-Year Report (Silver, Diana Pounds, Michael Haynes, University Relations)

Annual Report, College of Agriculture (Bronze, Brian Meyer, Lynn Ekblad, Agriculture Information Service)


Tabloid, external audience -- The Iowa Stater (Bronze, Linda Charles, Anne Dolan, Diana Pounds, Internal Communications)

Direct mail

Senior rate life membership promotion (Silver, Frankee Oleson, Alumni Assn.)

Institutional relations projects

National Merit Scholars mentoring program (Silver, Karen Tow, Julie Larson, Alumni Assn.)

Report to Iowans tour (Silver, President Martin Jischke, John Anderson, Glenda McIntire, University Relations)

World Wide Web

Internet site -- Iowa State's Web site (Bronze, Diana Pounds, Internal Communications)


Television commercial, Rollins "hero" spot (Gold, University Marketing)

Electronic media

Video and/or radio PSA -- "Letter from Home" (Bronze, University Marketing)

Educational fundraising

Adopt the Band (Bronze, Shaun Keister, Diana Madsen, Mark Pankey, ISU Foundation)

The Drive From Within (Gold, Shaun Keister, Dalene Abner, Sarah Buck, Diana Madsen, Mark Pankey, ISU Foundation)

The Parent Fund (Silver, Shaun Keister, Diana Madsen, Brian Kish, Mark Pankey, ISU Foundation)

ISU Foundation telemarketing program (Silver, Shaun Keister, Diana Madsen, Brian Kish, Robin Tuttle, Terry Seibert, ISU Foundation)

Community event

Science Fun Day (Bronze, Saren Johnston, Ames Laboratory)

Specialty item

Science Bound T-shirt (Silver, Jan Weedman, IPRT)

Best solution

Where the Jobs Are (Bronze, Ed Adcock, Karen Bolluyt, Agriculture Information Service)

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