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Nov. 21, 1997

Science and technology faculty positions created

by Linda Charles

Two new faculty positions will be created to help build Iowa State's strength in science and technology.

"The challenge for science and technology to improve living standards, both here in Iowa and the rest of the nation, is increasingly linked to what is happening in other parts of the world, especially in developing countries," Provost John Kozak said.

"With our strengths in science and technology, our ability to link social, political and economic issues, and our strong set of international activities, Iowa State is well positioned to assume a leadership role in addressing these problems," he added.

The new professorships are intended to help the university community translate scientific investigation and technology innovation into progressive actions in international settings.

The new faculty will address, in an international arena, the relationship between science and technology and the processes and policies involved in achieving societal progress, economic growth and sustainable development, Kozak said.

Kozak is soliciting proposals for the positions through college deans. They may be submitted by single departments or by several collaborating programs and departments. Proposals are due in the Provost Office Dec. 1.

Kozak said he anticipates the positions will be filled at the assistant professor level, although an exceptional candidate could be hired at a higher level.

"We're looking for candidates with experience or training from either a scientific or policy perspective (economic, political or cultural)," he added.

Proposals may be submitted by single departments or several cooperating programs and departments. Proposals are due in the Provost Office Dec. 1.

Proposals will be reviewed by the IITAP University Steering Committee, chaired by civil and construction engineering professor David Kao, and the Council on International Programs, chaired by associate provost Ed Lewis. Kozak will select the winning proposals.

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