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Nov. 7, 1997

Vet Med organizes new department

by Steve Jones

Dr. Nolan R. Hartwig, head of veterinary extension, has been named chair of the department of veterinary diagnostic and production animal medicine.

The newly named and restructured department was created through a merger of three areas within the Vet Med college: the diagnostic laboratory, veterinary extension and the production animal medicine section of clinical sciences.

The new department has 34 faculty and 100 staff members who teach and conduct diagnostic, applied research, outreach and service programs that benefit the livestock industry.

"It really brings together the full package for production animal medicine," Hartwig said. "Within the department of veterinary diagnostic and production animal medicine, we identify the problem from the diagnostic side, then work with the veterinary practitioner to provide solutions or remedies from the medicine side. But just as important are the management strategies and ongoing information provided by our faculty, all of which affect the health of the herd and the producer's profitability."

Hartwig specializes in beef, dairy and sheep medicine and serves as interim director of the Iowa Beef Center at ISU.

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