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Nov. 7, 1997

A parking plan for the white mornings ahead

by Linda Charles

Winter came with a vengeance late last month. Fortunately, the snow hit on a Sunday so all was pretty much cleared by Monday morning. But what happens when you've shoveled the drive and made it unscathed through the slippery streets only to find your usual campus lot filled with snow?

First, before you even leave home, tune in to your radio and TV news stations, said Dave Miller, director of facilities and utilities. They'll be notified when the university's winter storm parking plan is in effect. When it is, drivers should park in one of four designated parking areas -- the southwest corner of the Iowa State Center, north of Molecular Biology, south of Food Sciences or north of the General Services Building. Those lots will be cleared by 7:30 a.m. and open to all vehicles with valid ISU parking permits while the plan is in effect.

The plan helps ensure that campus streets and sidewalks are cleared adequately for traffic and that drivers have a place to park, Miller said. It goes into effect only when exceptionally heavy or late-falling snow prevents staff from clearing all streets, sidewalks and parking lots by 7:30 a.m. When it is in effect, drivers are asked not to park in their usual parking lots until they have been cleared.

During bad weather, faculty, staff and students are encouraged to use the Cy-Ride system, which adds additional buses to regular routes, Miller said. Those who park at the Iowa State Center parking lot can ride the "orange" route to campus. These buses run at 4- to 8-minute intervals.

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