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Nov. 7, 1997

Provost: New faculty bring talent, diversity

by Linda Charles

Iowa State had an excellent year recruiting faculty, said Provost John Kozak.

"The 64 new faculty bring a lot of energy, talent and diversity to the campus. They come from a variety of universities, including Harvard and Berekeley," Kozak said. "Twenty-three percent are from under-represented ethnic groups and 34 percent are women."

Three new faculty were hired specifically to teach courses to meet the university's diversity requirements. A fourth diversity position will be filled later this year.

"And another four such positions will be added this year," Kozak said. "We are making progress on our goal of improving the diversity of our campus, which in turn will enrich our students' experience in the classroom and the university community in general."

Kozak noted that the 64 new faculty this year represent a variety of disciplines. While the majority have joined ISU as assistant professors, five were hired as associate professors and four as full professors.

New faculty members were hired in all eight colleges. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the university's largest college, hired the most, with 22 new faculty members. The colleges of Education and Engineering each hired 11 new faculty members.

"We have an excellent faculty that is even stronger with the addition of these new members," Kozak said. "We're very pleased to have them here."

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