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Sept. 12, 1997

Senate eyes disciplinary policy

by Linda Charles

Faculty should have a hearing before disciplinary action can be taken against them, a Faculty Senate subcommittee has concluded.

Committee members Denise Vrchota, senate president-elect and adjunct assistant professor of journalism and mass communication, and Jack Girton, chair of the senate Council on Judiciary and Appeals and assistant professor of zoology and genetics, are reworking the faculty misconduct policy.

Vrchota and Girton, who reported on their progress during the Sept. 9 senate meeting, said they have yet to prepare a proposal, but have agreed on the general procedure that should be followed.

First, there should be an effort to resolve the matter informally, they said. If that does not work, a small faculty committee should meet to decide if further action is warranted. If so, a larger faculty committee would try the case and make a recommendation to administrators. The administrators could accept or lessen any sanctions, but not increase them.

The committee will continue working on the policy, which eventually will be brought to the senate for a vote and then incorporated into the Faculty Handbook.

The senate also learned about a faculty activity survey that will be distributed soon. The survey is part of a larger university effort to gather information in anticipation of legislative inquiry into how faculty spend their time. The information is being gathered at all three state universities at the request of the State Board of Regents. Provost John Kozak and assistant provost Ellen Rassmussen said when the survey is completed, statistics will be available on faculty efforts in teaching, research and outreach activities, in case lawmakers make inquiries this year.

The next senate meeting will be at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 14, in 260 Scheman.

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