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Sept. 12, 1997


Research report ready for review

The committee report on Future Directions of Basic Animal Sciences Research is available for faculty review on the Web at E-mail comments should be addressed to:

Campus visits

The Office of Orientation and Campus Visits is asking faculty and staff who visit college campuses with their children to complete an evaluation form. Information about what other colleges do when prospective students visit campus helps staff refine what is offered when prospective students visit Iowa State. Campus employees who plan to visit other campuses with their children are asked to contact Pat Dobelis, 4-0801 (

ISU Theatre seeks language coaches

ISU Theatre is seeking people in the campus and Ames communities fluent in several foreign languages to help coach actors for David Edgar's Olivier-Award winning play Pentecost, which will be presented in February. The majority of characters in the play speak languages other than English and volunteers are needed to coach the actors in Arabic (Kuwaiti dialect), Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Azeri, Afghan, Bosnian (Roma), Turkish and Sri Lankan (Sinhalese). The play will be cast in October to allow the actors time to work on their languages. Those who could volunteer their time are asked to contact Gregg Henry, 4- 7611.

College for Seniors

ISU's College for Seniors will offer eight courses this semester, beginning either Monday, Sept. 15, or Tuesday, Sept. 16. Classes run through Nov. 3. Cost is $40 for the first course and $20 for subsequent courses. Classes are open to those 55 and older. For more information or to register, call 4-4521.

B12+ seminars

Beyond 12 Plus, a leadership program for supervisors, will include four seminars this year. B12+ was created by a group who graduated from the 12+ Supervisory Leadership Program offered by Training and Development and wanted to continue to improve their leadership skills. Upcoming B12+ seminars are "Realizing your Creative Genius," "Creating Harmony in the Workplace," "The Art of Hiring: Getting the Right Person the First Time" and "Innovations in Performance Manage-ment." Seminars run from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and are designed so participants may attend all or part of the session. It is not essential to have completed the 12+ Supervisory Program to attend B12+. Seminars will be held in the Memorial Union and lunch is included in the $15 registration fee. Registration deadline is Sept. 25. To register for one or more seminars, call 4-8914.

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