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August 8, 1997

Leadership training offered

Training and Development Office focuses on diversity, too

by Linda Charles

A new focus on leadership training and diversity will be evident this fall when the Training and Development Office begins "The Quest," the latest series of programs and workshops.

Three new leadership programs have been added to the list of programs, said Sharon Drake, manager.

"Foundations of Leadership" will be open to anyone who wants to learn what is needed to become a good leader. "Creating the Future" will be geared toward middle to upper managers and will emphasize leadership and honing of skills. Also, a leadership conference will be offered.

In addition, Training and Development offerings will continue to offer the "12+ Supervisory Leadership" program, a series of 16 workshops aimed at front-line supervisors that may be taken over the course of two years. The series has been so successful that a group of supervisors who have completed the program have created "Beyond 12+" to continue their learning.

Another highly successful program has been the popular "Dialogues on Diversity."

"This is our most successful program across the board," Drake said. "We're beginning to break down some of the barriers."

Participants meet weekly to discuss diversity issues, usually centered around a theme. Student volunteers also share their experiences during the sessions.

Diversity issues have been given new emphasis and integrated into most of the programs, Drake said. For instance, "DEO Orientation" includes a section on ISU culture and ethics.

While Training and Development programs indirectly relate to nearly all strategies in Iowa State's strategic plan, they are most applicable to strategies for enhancing diversity and strengthening human resource management and professional development.

"The curriculum has been reorganized to focus on the goals of the strategic plan," Drake said. "Most of what we're offering has a new and different focus."

Other offerings in the diversity program include helping disabled students, common aspects of culture, and gender issues in the workplace.

Drake said Training and Development programs now are organized into four basic groups:

Information about the new offerings will be sent to employees early fall semester. Anyone interested in learning more or enrolling in one of the programs should contact the Training and Development Office, 4-8914.

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