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July 18, 1997

Athletic grad rates best in Big 12

by Tom Kroeschell

Iowa State's 62 percent student-athlete graduation rate for individuals who entered ISU as part of the 1990-91 freshman class is the highest in the Big 12 Conference.

The Cyclones' 61 percent graduation rate average for four freshman classes between the 1987-88 and 1990-91 academic years also leads the Big 12. It is the second straight season in which Iowa State led the conference in both categories, based on figures released by the NCAA.

"I think these figures underscore the effort we have made to provide the best environment for our student-athletes to succeed in the classroom," athletic director Gene Smith said. "In part, they are a reflection of excellent instruction students receive from the Iowa State faculty.

"Our performance has been consistent over a considerable period of time," he added.

The 62 percent six-year graduation rate for ISU student- athletes who were a part of the 1990-91 freshman class is slightly higher than the overall university mark of 60 percent. The student-athlete figure is up from 59 percent last year.

The six-year rate for female ISU student-athletes (73 percent) is higher than the all-university women's average of 63 percent. ISU female student-athletes graduated at a six-year figure of 79 percent last year.

The six-year graduation rate for ISU male student-athletes entering ISU for the 1990-91 academic year was 57 percent, 1 percent below the all-university men's rate. The six-year rate for male athletes was 49 percent last year.

The football student-athlete six-year graduation rate rose for the fifth straight year, increasing one point to 64 percent. That figure leads the Big 12 Conference. The six- year mark was 54 percent two years ago.

Three men's basketball student-athletes, Donnell Bivins, Saun Jackson and Skip McCoy, entered ISU for the 1990-91 school year. Bivins and Jackson graduated. McCoy transferred to New Mexico State in good academic standing. The ISU men's basketball graduation rate is 67 percent because the NCAA does not count transfers toward a school's graduation rate even if that individual goes on to earn a degree at a new institution.

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