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June 27, 1997

Veishea fate pondered

President Martin Jischke is listening to a lot of opinions this summer as he considers the future of Veishea. Jischke said he will announce his decision after students return to campus for fall semester.

"I continue to get comments from students, faculty, staff, area residents and alumni. This is extremely helpful because Veishea is an event that has involved so many people in different ways. I welcome additional comments from those interested in Veishea and its future," Jischke said.

Earlier this month, the Veishea Advisory Council recommended that the event be continued, but the group also said steps should be taken to improve safety and to deal with alcohol abuse. The future of the 75-year-old event is uncertain because of alcohol problems and the stabbing death of Uri Sellers near campus during the Veishea weekend.

"We cannot tolerate conditions that lead to a death, and as I have listened to various opinions over the past two months, I'm not sure that the magnitude of Veishea-related problems and this year's tragedy are widely understood," Jischke said.

Jischke and Dan Robinson, interim vice president for student affairs and chairman of the Veishea Advisory Council, said alcohol abuse must be addressed.

"It's a priority issue for the coming academic year. The problem is evident here and at many other colleges and universities," Robinson said. "We intend to put greater emphasis on alcohol education."

While concern about alcohol abuse is not limited to the Greek system, Robinson said one step already taken as a result of Veishea-related problems, including alcohol abuse, is to upgrade the Greek adviser position in order to attract applicants with more experience.

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