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May 16, 1997

Wellness program plans progress

by Linda Charles
The Faculty Senate May 6 gave the go-ahead for continued negotiations on a wellness program at Iowa State.

Senate president-elect Denise Vrochta, adjunct assistant professor of journalism and mass communication, presented what she called a starting point for negotiations with administration.

Under the initial plan, the program would provide wellness information to ISU employees through a center, World Wide Web page and other media. The on-campus center, staffed by a director and two graduate assistants, would offer resource materials and consultations to campus departments.

The initial proposal calls for $101,522, which would cover equipment, supplies, personnel and training.

Among ISU employees responding to a 1993 health survey, 53 percent said they experienced a high stress life, 45 percent said they were overweight, 38 percent reported chronic back pain and 33 percent, high cholesterol.

In other business, the senate:

The senate is adjourned for the summer. The next meeting will be in September.

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