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May 2, 1997

Miller fellows named for next year

by Anne Dolan
Eleven faculty teams have been awarded grants totaling $252,000 for projects aimed at improving undergraduate academic programs in the second year of the Miller Faculty Fellowship Program.

The program was established in February 1996 by President Martin Jischke to advance Iowa State's strategic plan. In its first two years, the emphasis of the program has been on enriching the undergraduate experience at Iowa State. Last year, funded projects focused specifically on efforts to strengthen introductory or foundation (100- and 200-level) courses, as well as courses that meet the university's diversity requirement.

These goals remain and two new options were added this year:

  • Projects that strengthen academic programs for nontraditional students, especially courses developed for the Iowa Communications Network or other off-campus settings.

  • Projects that develop new programmatic links between undergraduate programs and faculty research or outreach activities.

    The program is named for F. Wendell Miller, an Iowa attorney and farm manager who died in 1995. The bulk of his $27 million estate created a trust, with income from it divided between ISU and the University of Iowa. The Miller Faculty Fellowship program is one of several programs Jischke created with the trust income.

    Awards cover the cost of releasing fellows from duties in their departments, summer salaries and direct costs such as equipment and supplies.

    Thirty-three proposals were submitted for the 1997-98 academic year. The 11 individuals and teams that received Miller awards are listed at right. To read the proposal abstracts, go to the Center for Teaching Excellence's World Wide Web homepage.

    1997-98 Miller Faculty Fellows

  • $21,990 to Don Adams and Etsuro Uemura, veterinary anatomy; and Al Jergens, Kristina Miles and Elizabeth Riedesel, veterinary clinical sciences; for Digital Re- purposing of Veterinary Videotapes: Development and Use of Digital Video Clips in the Veterinary Curriculum.

  • $23,350 to Robert Anderson Jr., electrical engineering and computer engineering, for Interactive, Asynchronous Delivery and Administration of Instruction.

  • $25,000 to Chiu-Shui Chan and John Maves, architecture; and Carolina Cruz-Neira, computer science and the Iowa Center for Emerging Manufacturing Technology; for Constructing and Reconstructing Notable Buildings to Establish a Virtual Library for Teaching Architectural History.

  • $15,360 to Karen Donaldson and Carlie Tartakov, curriculum and instruction, for Antiracist Education for ISU Administrators and Faculty.

  • $16,987 to Catherine Kling and Joseph Herriges, economics (Ag college), for Active Learning in Introductory Economics with a Focus on the Environment.

  • $25,000 to James Kurtenbach and Robin Roberts, accounting; and Donna Kienzler and Carol David, English; for Writing in the Business Curriculum: A Collaborative Approach Incorporating Critical Thinking into a Frontier Accounting Course.

  • $25,000 to Barbara Licklider, professional studies in education; with Patricia Carlson and Kathy Hinders, curriculum and instruction; and others; for Project LEA/RN: Leadership Development.

  • $25,000 to Radha Sarma and Judy Vance, mechanical engineering; and Loren Zachary, aerospace engineering and engineering mechanics; for Enhancing Student Participation in Course and Curriculum Changes.

  • $25,000 to Charlotte Thralls, English, for An Integrated Writing-Across-the-Curriculum Approach to Learning Teams.

  • $24,466 to Kenneth Windom, geological and atmospheric sciences, for Computer-Assisted Learning in GEOL 201: Geology for Engineers and Environmental Scientists.

  • $25,000 to Douglas Yarger, geological and atmospheric sciences; Rex Thomas, Computation Center/curriculum and instruction; and Pete Boysen, Computation Center; for The Next Level in Using Technology for Student-Centered Learning.

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