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May 2, 1997

Three receive Sex Equity Awards

Amy Beert, Eugenia Farrar and Nancy Polster are the 1997 recipients of the Carrie Chapman Catt Sex Equity Awards. Established in 1990, the awards recognize men and women at ISU who make an effort to foster an atmosphere of equality. Recipients are selected by members of the Women's Center advisory board from nominations.

Beert, a junior is a student assistant and Catt Associate at the Carrie Chapman Catt Center. She will be one of the first ISU students to graduate with a bachelor's degree in women's studies.

Farrar, associate professor of zoology and genetics, proposed, organized and still teaches ISU's first course on women in science and engineering, and continues to raise awareness of issues that keep women from fully realizing their potential in the scientific community.

In her role as chair of the art and design department, associate professor Polster has actively promoted diversity in the depart-ment and across the university. She has recruited highly sought women faculty and established a minority student scholarship.

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