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March 7, 1997

Sanctions reduced for five students

by John Anderson
Sanctions against the five students who received conduct probation for their participation in an unauthorized rally in Beardshear Hall Nov. 5, 1996, have been reduced to disciplinary reprimand. Disciplinary reprimand means that those students who hold leadership positions in recognized student organizations will be able to continue in those positions.

The students are Taiyon Coleman, Milton McGriff, Kelly Munger, Allan Nosworthy and Meron Wondwosen.

Dan Robinson, interim vice president for student affairs, made the decision after the students agreed to appeal their cases directly to him rather than to the All-University Judiciary (AUJ). Robinson would have coordinated the appeals had they been appealed from the AUJ.

Robinson said, "I believe the decision to lessen the sanctions is in the best interests of all individuals involved and for the university. This is not a negative reflection on the student judicial process; however, I felt it was time to get this situation behind us and to begin a healing process. It's also important to note that these students are valued for their leadership and the university would lose a great deal if they weren't able to continue their involvement and participation as leaders."

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