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Dec. 20, 1996

It's time to verify benefits selections

by Linda Charles
Those having second thoughts about the selections they made for the new benefits plan still have a chance to make changes.

Faculty, P&S staff and supervisory staff enrolled in the new benefits plan earlier this month. This week, they should have received confirmation statements listing their selections.

Johnny Pickett, assistant vice president for business and finance, said these statements should be checked carefully to make certain they reflect the coverage selected.

Those who selected the HMO or POS plans should pay special attention to their primary care physician selections. Many used the wrong list in selecting their physicians (for example, choosing the POS plan but using the list of HMO physicians), said Gary Wiggins, manager of the Benefits Office. Corrections have been made when possible, but in some cases, employees may find that they have no physician listed.

In addition to verifying the selections they already have made, employees may change their selections, Pickett said. Changes may be made on any part of the plan, from changing the name of a primary care physician or beneficiary, to switching from one type of plan to another.

Changes should be made on the confirmation statement, which should be signed and returned to 16 Beardshear by Dec. 31.

About 360 employees did not enroll in the new plan and have been placed in a default plan. They, too, will receive confirmation statements and may take this opportunity to choose something else, Pickett said. The default plan did not include Flex 2 options, but those who wish to enroll in that plan may do so now.

Any changes to benefit selections must be made by Dec. 31, Pickett said. New insurance cards and booklets detailing the plans will be sent out mid- to late-January.

Retirees will not receive confirmation statements until mid- January because there are too many classifications and the work has to be done manually, Wiggins said.

For more information on the new benefits plan, contact the Benefits Office, 16 Beardshear, 4-7680.

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