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Sept. 20, 1996

It's back

Insect Horror Film Fest features butterfly tent

by Anne Dolan
You can get them toffeed, chocolate- covered, baked or boiled. At the 7th annual Insect Horror Film Festival, the Entomology Club will offer insects in many sizes, shapes and sweet disguises. Only thing is, you might have to eat them.

The festival returns to the Memorial Union South Ballroom Friday and Saturday, Sept. 27-28. That's a little earlier than usual, but club members have a new 12 x 6-foot butterfly tent they hope to have filled with live specimens, if the weather remains mild.

Each evening will feature a horror film starring big, bad insects. The films begin at 7:30 p.m. and will be preceded by 90 minutes of bug party, complete with refreshments (peanut butter bug squares, chocolate chirpies, insect toffee and fat-free banana worm bread), insect cartoons and an insect petting zoo. Featured at this year's zoo are hissing cockroaches, giant millipedes and the butterfly tent.

Friday's film is The Swarm (1978), a story about a human team trying to save Houston from killer bees. It stars Michael Caine, Patty Duke and Henry Fonda. Saturday's film is Damnation Alley (1978), starring Jan-Michael Vincent, George Peppard and Dominque Sanda. It features giant animal and insect mutants created from radiation released in a North America nuclear holocaust.

Donald Lewis, professor of entomology, will introduce both films.

The Insect Horror Film Festival is open to the public and is free.

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