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August 23, 1996

Benefits Office: Limited change period for Plan 2

Iowa State employees enrolled in the Blue Cross/Blue Shield Plan 2 have a limited time to change to Plan 3. Those who choose to change will be able to return to Plan 2, without an approved statement of health, during the 1997 and 1998 change periods. (This assumes that Plan 2 and 3 still will be offered under a new benefits program that will be unveiled later this year.)

Under Plan 2, up to 90 percent of medical costs are paid. There is a two-day room and board deductible for in-patient hospital stays and a $100 "all other services" deductible. The maximum out-of-pocket expenses per year is $500.

Under Plan 3, up to 80 percent of medical costs are paid. There is a $300/$400 in-patient hospital deductible and the maximum yearly out-of-pocket expenses are $600/$800.

Employees enrolled in Plan 1, an HMO or Select 2000 are not eligible for this change.

Those eligible to change should consider the following:

  • Any deductible or coinsurance expense already incurred in 1996 under Plan 2 will transfer to the Plan 3 "out-of-pocket maximum."

  • Plan 3 pays 100 percent of covered outpatient surgery and emergency room expenses.

  • Plan 3 pays 80 percent of the costs of prescription drugs and there's no deductible.

  • Your premium deduction for a family plan will be $49.54 per month -- or $594.48 less per year -- under Plan 3.

    Completed enrollment forms will be accepted by the Benefits Office, 16 Beardshear, until 5 p.m. Sept. 16.
    Submitted by Jan Flick

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