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April 5, 1996

If you wanted to

The Employee Assistance Program's three-part series in Inside Iowa State on violence in the workplace has generated interest from readers. The columns are based on a number of sources, including:

"On the Front Lines. EAP's Battle Workplace Violence," Jerry Boriskin, 1994, Employee Assistance; "Managing Threats of Violence," Bruce Davidson, 1994, EAPA National Conference; "Violence in the Workplace," William Durkin, Kevin Flynn and Walter Reichman, 1993, EAPA National Conference; "Profile of the Violent Employee," G.R. Eisele, 1994, DOE EAP Annual Conference; "American Workers Under Pressure Technical Report," Stacey Kohler and John Kamp, 1992, St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company; "Assessment, Management, Prevention and Response to Workplace Violence," Kenneth Wolf, 1994, EAP Annual Conference; and "SHRM Survey Reveals Extent of Workplace Violence," EAP Digest, 1994.

The third part of the series will run in the May 3 edition. For more information, contact the EAP office, 4-5069.

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