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March 22, 1996

Paperless job search available for Education students, alumni

by Steve Sullivan
The College of Education will launch a "paperless resume" registration system for job-seeking students and alumni.

The "First Place" system will be on the World Wide Web this summer and provide students and alumni with 24-hour access to the College of Education's career services office.

The College of Education is one of the first academic institutions in the world to buy licensing rights for the system from Academic Software, a Texas firm. Other ISU colleges are looking into implementing the system.

First Place allows education students and alumni to upload personal data and resumes onto the system from anywhere in the world, any time of the day. They also can update the information when necessary, find out about potential job openings and schedule interviews with prospective employers visiting campus.

A password will be needed to gain access to the system. All information uploaded onto First Place will be confidential.

While they can't tap into resumes filed on the system, employers can submit information about job openings to career services officials, who then use First Place to find appropriate applicants.

In the past, education students submitted paper resumes to career services. This process eventually gave way to information stored in the college's computers. Students could gain access to their files only during business hours.

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