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Feb. 23, 1996

Hello, Dolly

"Victorian Dolls: Yesterday's Treasures," featuring 50 dolls manufactured between 1830 and 1910, will be on display at the Farm House Museum through March 31. The exhibit includes china, bisque, parian, papier-mch, wood and mechanical dolls from the University Museums Brunnier collection. The dolls are displayed throughout the house, some with cradles and beds, others with fashionable gowns.

One of the largest dolls on display was made in 1905 in Germany. The 31-inch Simon and Halbig doll was originally owned by Adelaid Watson Seigworth. Passed down through the family, it finally came to Seigworth's niece, Faith Finnemore, Ames. Finnemore donated the doll to the museum. Lois Erickson, Slater, helped refurbish the doll to almost- new condition by reconstructing the antique child's dress the doll wears, and adding antique shoes and a blond wig.

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