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Jan. 26, 1996


Students taking a mineral resources course at the University of Arizona, Tucson, are assigned a different type of "term paper." Instead of the traditional written report, students produce multimedia programs that combine computer graphics, text, sound, still photos and movies.

During the first month of class, students are taught the rudiments of the computer programs they will need for their projects. After that, it is up to the students to use software manuals and consult with computer center staff to develop the other skills they need to complete their assignment.

Bicyclists at the University of Iowa must take extra precautions in "slow zones." The slow zones are designed to lessen conflicts between pedestrians and bicyclists on campus sidewalks.

In slow zones, bicyclists within five bicycle lengths of pedestrians must slow their speed to match the general pace of pedestrian traffic, maintain a minimum of one bicycle length from pedestrians, notify of intent to pass and pass slowly.

Faculty and staff at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, can opt to celebrate the Martin Luther King holiday through a day of service to the community. Called "Acting on the Dream," the program provides an opportunity to participate in community service projects at agencies throughout the area. Those who wish to participate, sign up in November and indicate their preference area, such as women's issues, the homeless or the environment. They then are matched with a project for the day.

A University of Iowa experiment using procurement credit cards to expedite small dollar purchases has proved to be a success -- both to the departments that use the cards and vendors that accept them as payment for goods and services.

The credit cards eliminate paperwork associated with requisition and purchasing forms, and only one voucher per month is needed to cover payments for credit card transactions. Vendors benefit because they are able to take the credit card slips to the bank the same day as the purchase.

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