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Jan. 26, 1996

Alumnus donates lab equipment to chemistry department

by Skip Derra

A leading manufacturer of laboratory equipment has given more than $27,000 worth of high-tech instrumentation to the chemical engineering department for a high-pressure reaction laboratory.

The laboratory has been named for Manley R. Hoppe and Parr Instrument Co. Hoppe, a 1932 graduate of Iowa State, is chairman of the board of Parr Instrument Co., Moline, Ill.

"This gift provides world-class instrumentation that will be used by our students in their research," said President Martin Jischke. "They will have the very best equipment with which to work and learn."

The new chemical engineering laboratory is housed in the Sweeney Hall addition and is specially designed for high-pressure experimentation. L.K. Doraiswamy, a leading researcher in chemical reaction engineering, will use the laboratory to develop processes that enhance the value of chemicals.

In addition to the laboratory equipment gift, Hoppe and his wife, Lois, gave Iowa State a "dedication gift" of more than $80,000 for a new scholarship named for them. The contribution was added to a scholarship fund recently created with a $50,000 gift from Jean and Michael Steffenson of Davenport, the Hoppes' daughter and son-in-law. The scholarship will be awarded to an outstanding sophomore majoring in chemical engineering.

Hoppe earned bachelor's and master's degrees in chemical engineering from Iowa State. He was an instructor for two years under the leadership of O.R. Sweeney before he joined Parr Instrument, a leading manufacturer of equipment used to conduct chemical reactions under heat and pressure.

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