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Dec. 15, 1995

Lewis tackles new assignment

by Linda Charles

Associate provost Ed Lewis is looking for ideas on ways to improve the under-graduate educational experience at Iowa State.

"I'm looking for what people think might be soft spots, particularly for freshmen," he said. "I'm looking for areas where there are unnecessary difficulties for students, or ways we can strengthen programs or help undergraduates be more successful."Lewis' position was recently redefined and some of his duties reassigned so that he can focus on undergraduate education.

During a recent Faculty Senate meeting, Provost John Kozak said that Lewis' experience at Iowa State makes him the obvious choice for the position. During his 38 years at the university, Lewis has taught, advised, counseled and worked with programs such as the Honors program.

"It's an interesting opportunity to help the university improve on what it's already doing well," Lewis said.

Lewis said he hopes to address some issues quickly, while others will be longer-term. To that end, he has been meeting informally with a group of faculty and staff who have a lot of experience and expertise with students to develop ideas.

"My intent is to arrive at a limited set of issues that we can then proceed to address, probably through a series of task forces composed of faculty, staff and students," Lewis said. General issues to be addressed are likely to include advising, curriculum, student services and the freshman experience, he said.

The Faculty Senate and P&S Council have been invited to submit ideas for potential issues in January. Lewis hopes that the task forces can be up and running by February.

Faculty Senate president Ron Peters noted during the Dec. 5 senate meeting, "It is essential that we let the individuals responsible for identifying the issues know what we think the issues are."Anyone with ideas is asked to contact Lewis by phone (4-5884), fax (4-8844) or e-mail (

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