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Dec. 15, 1995

Traffic change on Knoll Road begins Dec. 18

The direction of traffic flow permitted at the north end of Knoll Road will be reversed, effective Monday, Dec. 18. The area affected is the section of Knoll Road between Agronomy and Bessey halls.

Under the new plan, traffic off Osborn Drive will be one-way (southbound) as far as, and including, a driveway to the parking lot south and west of Bessey Hall. Knoll Road traffic north of Union Drive will continue to be two-way only as far as the parking driveway behind Curtiss Hall. That stretch of Knoll Road between the Bessey and Curtiss parking driveways is intended only as a bike path and is closed to all motor vehicles except emergency vehicles. The change is intended to eliminate vehicle use on the bicycle path portion of Knoll Road, thus improving the safety of pedestrians and cyclists who use it.

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