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Dec. 15, 1995


DOE awards Scientists at the Ames Laboratory have captured three of nine awards given annually for U.S. Department of Energy research in the materials sciences.

Paul Canfield, Alan Goldman, Costas Stassis, David Johnston, Bruce Harmon, Ferdinando Borsa, David Lynch, Lance Miller, Clifford Olson, David Torgeson and Jerel Zarestky won the award for "out-standing scientific accomplishment" in solid- state physics for their investigation of the coexistence of superconductivity and magnetism in nickel-boro-carbide compounds.

Alan Goldman, Bill McCallum, Matt Kramer and Tom Lograsso won the award for "sustained outstanding research" in solid-state physics for their study of the structure and properties of quasicrystals, a new class of solids discovered in 1984.

John Corbett won the award for "sustained outstanding research" in materials chemistry. Corbett has spent more than 15 years studying broad classes of compounds and bonding rules for certain types of compounds. His accomplishments include creating the first non-carbon examples of buckyballs.

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